I thought

March 27, 2009
I thought
could I let my heart get so far away
Not me
I thought
I couldn't go back on my word
Not this mind
I thought
I'm way too determined
Not these hands
I thought
could type words so subtle
Not my eyes
I thought
Could slip away from there target
Not my ears
I thought
could go without the sound of those words
Not this mouth
I thought
could forget the words so unsteadily rehearsed
Not these tears
I thought
could stain my face so quick
Not my senses
I thought
could pull me together to endure the events to follow
Not these feet
I thought
could ever walk away so casual
Not these arms
I thought
would ever be able to let go
Not my voice
I thought
could ever keep from quavering when this time came
Not this girl
I thought
could ever forget her dreams
Not this heart
I thought
could ever feel so compressed
But all I have to say,
is still I tried my best

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ISayWeCuddleNow said...
Feb. 7, 2010 at 8:48 pm
I really like the pattern of this. Very cool.
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