Path of Inferiority

March 27, 2009
By Anonymous

Path of Inferiority

To know that you’re the freshly reaped fruit of a disgusting mistake… Common knowledge.
To know that your creators look upon you with regret…
Common knowledge.
To know you’re in the deepest hole of filth, to try and philosophically, intelligently bust your way out into the open breezy field of Commonality
and its perk being the utmost position of comfortability
is quite possibly
Ha Ha Ha! Deep down you know you will one day have risen high enough at least to barely taste the wonders of being correct.
But, even deeper down you know that others
will have risen Higher than you ever possibly could.
You’ve been left far behind,
nobody to help you
and most people are there only to inhibit.
At this point human survival instincts kick in.
They are put into overdrive and rewired to help learn.
Deep inside you feel this happen and bide your time until the day arrives that you’ve beaten them senseless to the point that they don’t even know they exist when you’ve knocked them unsentient.
You’ve finally won!
This is the moment of truth.
Your life objective has been reached.
And now, with no one left to inhibit, Hell, no one left period, what do you do? There’s nothing left for you and the familiar beginning creeps back into your brain.
You lose.
Game over.
Your piece is off the board.

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