The Emotions of the sea

October 12, 2017
By Cornsabigail22 BRONZE, St.Peters, Missouri
Cornsabigail22 BRONZE, St.Peters, Missouri
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The sea
It has many emotions
These are just a few
The sea is beautiful
But don’t let that fool you
It can cause complete disaster

Storms are how the sea shows anger
With strong winds and cold air
Only some things can endure such destruction
After the storm is over
It is calm
The calm, gentle waves of the sea return
The sea glittering in the light of the sun

As the sun sets
A rose color sky is cast over the horizon
Making the sand cool
The children that were once giggling from splashing in the water
Have now taken their leave
And the lyrical songs of the birds have been hushed
As the moon has taken over the sky
Letting it’s soul rest

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