Ode to Handsanitizer

March 26, 2009
Oh sanitizer! With your swirling liquid and occasional blue beads. I yearn to empty the entire contents of cool liquid onto my hands. To revel in the feeling of cleanliness that you always bring. The cool rush of you sliding over my hands. So much like water. But thicker. Lovelier. You burn away all of the germs that stain my hands, my arms, my feet, my pants, my face, the soles of my shoes, the tabletop, my cuts, my notebook, a pen a friend once borrowed.
Thank you beautiful sanitize
er, for feeding my slight O.C.D., my intense need to feel clean. You inhabit every corner of my house, just so I am always prepared and safe. Next to my bed, you dwell, on my bookshelf, on my dresser, in my kitchen, in my bathroom, in my purse. You even continually bless me with your presence throughout the school. Oh sanitizer! Thank you for continually showering me with your cool reassurances of cleanliness. Forever live on in my blood. For, with the amount I use and all the times you slip into my cuts, you must surely have seeped into my bloodstream by now.
Thank you sweet sanitizer. The burn will forever mean that it is indeed working.

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TeaCat said...
Apr. 12, 2011 at 7:43 pm
Oh my goodness, I have OCD too! I refuse to leave my house without hand sanitizer. Occasionally, when I do, my hands and arms go into little convulsions.....THEY NEED TO BE CLEAN.
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