Just Pride

October 2, 2017
By Kota_4711 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Kota_4711 BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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Young Pioneers
Taking pride in their Tanzanian roots
Not a smile on their faces
Not a frown
Just pride

They march to the
Beat of their own drum
Unfazed by the injustices encompassing them
Displaying no fear
Just pride

With stern faces
Rhythmic steps
Strong posture
They march on with what many may see as anger
But no
Just pride

They salute their elders
For they know one day they will inherit their burdens
And in the face of adversity will be looked up to as they once did
Never ceasing to display
Not fear
Not anger
Just pride

The author's comments:

I used several writer’s devices throughout this poem. Two of which I used were repetition and alliteration. Repetition of the line “just pride” tied the main emotional theme of the poem together. Alliteration, such as with the words “many may” in the line “they march on with what many may see as anger”, helped add character to the poem.

The strategy I used to generate this poem was by discovering an image in a magazine to create an observation poem. I used stanzas to keep organization and help elaborate on the use of repetiton. Imagery and sensory details support the expression of emotions I wish to convey felt by the individuals in the photograph.

I have changed a lot as a poet throughout this process. I have been able to expand my horizons by using a specific strategy given to me by my teacher to write my poems as opposed to just writing a poem in any way I want to. This will help me in the future when I have to use a specific strategy to generate a poem in or out of the classroom.

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