An Ode to My Ex Boyfriend

March 26, 2009
By Megan B BRONZE, West Seneca, New York
Megan B BRONZE, West Seneca, New York
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It's said that staying in love is hard to do
Well, it was a lot harder dealing with you.
Seeing you after you broke my heart
And being completely torn apart
I know it's old, I know it's too late,
So instead of counting what I love, I'll count everything I hate.

I hate the way you comb your hair
I hate the way that you don't care
I hate the way you say my name
I hate that for you it's all a game
I hate watching you walk away
I hate knowing I have to stay.

I don't say this to seem mean,
In fact, I'm feeling quite serene,
Because even though we're so done,
I'm slowly starting to have fun.

Besides, I now see that you're a tool,
And it's ridiculous I felt like the fool
So don't come back asking for a date
Because its definitely totally way too late.
Now, seeing you isn't really a big deal
Cause it's so over, and that's for real.

And before you go, it has to be sai
That when I see you, I no longer see red.
I won't pretend that i was fine right away
But I can happily say that I am today.
Especially since you're out of my life,
And your rejection of my no longer stings like a knife.

And so before we bid adieu
I decided to write this poem for you.
Just so I could praise your flaws,
So you know this is the last straw,
And to let you know just what I think,
To make sure that we're really in sync.
So, sorry honey, but the joke's on you,
Because I care even less than you do.

The author's comments:
For an english assignment, my class had to write an ode praising something. I decided to take out all my anger towards my ex-boyfriend, and make fun of all his flaws. I got a 100%, and am sending him this in the mail.

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