Losing My Father

October 2, 2017
By Anonymous

My dad & I were very close
We did everything together
Wherever he went i went
& whatever he did I did
We were stuck together like glue
Why my uncle took him I have no clue
Losing him was so bad
Every single day i was sad
I didn’t think I would lose a parent at 5
I didn’t get to experience anything with him
No pictures , videos , Daddy daughter dances
Nothing at all
My family didn’t know what to do
This was the first real death in our family
We didn’t think this would happen
At least not so soon
Growing up without a dad is very hard
No talks about how boys aren’t anything
& not to grow up so fast
Ive missed a lot ands it very crazy
But im going to miss my daddy
He’s gone but never forgotten .


The author's comments:

The first writer devices that i used was rhyming and punctuation .
The reason why i used rhyme was because it went with my poem .
It helped me describe how I was feeling when it happened .
I also used rhyming because it helped you picture how i went
From one feeling to another . For example I used “Bad” ,
& sad . The reason why I was feeling that way was because losing
A parent is really hard . Having only one parent takes away alot
From you . The reason i used puncutation was because in certain spots I had to have people pause and think about why i wrote what i wrote then go on .,
The reason why i picked this poem was because i felt like it was real touching.
This poem means alot to me . It give readers an idea of how someone feels
When a parent of theres is took away . The strategy I used was I got a picture
Off of my mom’s facebook of my dad and i just stared at it for awhile , then
I started writing about how I felt when happened . At first I felt this poem
Was to much and personal so I didn’t wanna write about it , but then I thought about it and felt as if ive been holding my feelings in for to long and it was all ready to come out .
I really dont see myself being a poet . Dont get me wrong , i love reading other peoples poems , i just dont think ill see myself writing poetry . I feel like writing poems is kinda hard . You have to think about all the writer devices yo wanna have in it and then coming up with a good topic can sometimes be hard .

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