I Remember

October 2, 2017
By J.Chen BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
J.Chen BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Water can crash or water can flow you put water in a cup it becomes the cup you put water in a bowl it becomes the bowl be like water my friend

- Bruce Lee

I remember
Being casted out for being ,IMPURE
I remember
Having no place to go, a mother and her children wandering the streets,
I remember
The night he us to beat my mother,
I remember
12/25/09 the night my mother took her life because she was fed up with the card life given her,
I remember
Children’s Village and all the staff and kids I met while there,
Thank God for Mandy’s Place,
I remember
Only one person staying with me through it all shout out to my little sister,
I remember
Being thrown around and given away because i was worth a check
I remember
Cold nights with no food beaten until we were drained of our hope
I remember
The being labeled as adopted, foster child
I remember
Trying and trying to escape the title foster
I remember
Discrimination instead of recognition for my talent just some asian kid drawing his heart out everything he ever felt on sheets of paper,
I remember
The name Chen that was given to me
I remember
The joke’s the verbal abuse the bully’s the physical abuse for being Chinese
I remember being,
I remember
Warm hands ushering me into my new future my new life
I will never forget
Where I come from

The author's comments:

It about my past 

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