The Best 4 Years of Your Life

October 2, 2017
By whovianoverload SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
whovianoverload SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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What foul torture such is high school

Why do they make it so?
The place is fool's invention
Why do they make us go?
Not one adult would repeat it
Not one adult would dare
The mere mention of going back
Causes many a nightmare.

Let us start with the waking time
Anyware before 6:00
Too early for the teenage mind
But still adults insist;
And the punishment for lateness
Is no motivation
They think us the same as children
It's a poor translation.

If you're lucky you'll manage work
But most loose hours of sleep
Trying to finish their papers
Or worse abuse they'll reap
And if you can understand it,
The content they enforce
A kingdom of isolation
Is soon to take its course.

They'll squeeze the passion from you,
Turn fun into a jail,
The things you use to love to do
Will make you want to bail.
Try to survive past your first year
The effort makes you weak
But don't forget the summer work
Or your teacher might sheik.

My dad looks over my shoulder
At my pre-calc homework
And claims his Bachelor's in science
Never reviewed such dirt.
And my mother can't even look
At my bio report
I guess librarians don't learn
About cells and that sort.

So why must we learn useless things?
Will it really matter
If we can write papers and spell
If we'll never do the latter?
Who said these would be my best years?
They don't know high school well--
And whoever believes those words
Probably made school hell.

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