October 2, 2017
By BishopPayton BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
BishopPayton BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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                                                                  It’s still here
                                                             This annoying Tick
                                                                 It's still       here                                                                                         Telling me i'm not worthy  
                                              Behind my back it talks about me.
                                                             She's the WORST
                                                Behind my back it threatens me.
                                                                She’s AWFUL

                                                       It’s scared of me though.
                                                       It can’t speak to my face
                                                   It’s scared to tell me how she feels.
                                                       It has to get someone else to

                                                  I'm suppose to be the highest they say
                                                               How could that be?
                                                           I’m the highest they say
                                                    How could that be with it leading me?

                                                                 For some reason.
                                                                   I must comply
                                                                 For some reason.
                                                            It thinks it’s higher than me

The author's comments:

It was fun

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