Seizing My Day

March 26, 2009
By Jessica juan SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
Jessica juan SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
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Will this year suck…like last year
Will my head stop hurting…unlike the day before
Why am I the only one still behind…like I’m on Pause
Why is it that people here smile…unlike others who can’t stop crying
I’m dizzy, very dizzy
I can’t stop spinning, thinking, hating, torturing, hurting,
Oh, so much more
I’m Tired, very tired
I can stop smiling, loving, caring, talking, laughing.
Oh, so little yet so much more.
I lose a little
I cry a little
I sleep a little
I do a little
I want a little
So when I leave,
You have very little to take from me
Unlike last year
I intend to stop the headache that is you
I will end this draining way of life
I can turn my back on those who turned theirs to me
Blood is thicker than water
But water seems so much better to me
I hate old traditions…like you
I will start my day over and over and over
Without that letter “u”
Because there so much more better things for me
So much more

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