My Choice

March 26, 2009
By TaylorDean BRONZE, London, Arkansas
TaylorDean BRONZE, London, Arkansas
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Why is it not my choice to do what I what?
I want to run away and never come back.
I don’t want to live here in a town where I’m not wanted.
I want to leave!
All by myself, I want to fly away.
I want to go far away!
I want to meet him and maybe he will love me.
Maybe he will see I am his.
It’s my choice, I want to meet him!
I don’t if he will rejected me, just please let me meet him!
I want to leave and go somewhere else!
I want to go to a different school.
It’s my choice were I want to go, not yours.
Why can’t I be old enough to go where I want?
I want to be me, not someone I’m not.
I want to be free…
I want you to let me off my chain so I can run like I have never run before.
I would run far…far…away but I don’t want to hurt you or the rest of the family.
I want to find that special person who will love me like I’m a newly creation God just made!
But he is nowhere around here!
I want to marry that one of my choice, not his or yours.
I want to be with my real family not his…..
It’s my choice PLEASE let me go far away to live by myself.
When I find that one guy I will come back, I promise.
But not to stay because me and him and going to live far away.
I want to find the other half of my blood too…
So please let me go…go…go
Far away…….far…….far!

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