March 26, 2009
By stephanie_miranda PLATINUM, Reston, Virginia
stephanie_miranda PLATINUM, Reston, Virginia
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There was peace and tranquility
War and hate
Love and passion
Honesty and loyalty
Happy times and sad ones
well as heart break and despair
But through it all they all stayed strong
No one had a problem
Yet they were the only ones that fought

They could have never known
That out of love hate and loyalty
Would come happy times and passion
Out of dishonestly would come the truth
And out of hate love would emerge
But with happiness comes pain
Heartache struck
And all hope was lost
All the good times were replaced with sorrow

Love turned into hate
Loyalty was lost
Honesty became dishonesty
And they lost faith in their selves
They were on a downward rollercoaster
That had no sudden turn or lift
Just straight down into a bottomless pit
Of worse and worse times
Then finally it came to an end

They were safe again
On solid ground with there feet on
A steady path
No room for mistake
Just a new chance at life
To make it all better
To do it all over again the right way
Only one do over
That’s all they get

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