September 28, 2017
By rachel01 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
rachel01 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Cleaning out my closet

Boxes on top on boxes

Baskets full of junk

Clutter that makes me remember the past

Finding old toys

And wishing i was a kid again

Looking through old notebooks

And thanking god i’m no longer in middle school

Flipping through yearbooks

Remembering the good times

Wondering where everyone ended up

Wondering how different their lives are from mine

Finding it hard to clean my closet

When every time i find a trinket

I get upset because i’m all grown up

Knowing i’ll never be a kid again

But i will always cherish the times i flashback

Remembering every detail like it was yesterday

Always remembering the embarrassing moments

And scared of forgetting the good days

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