The Play

September 28, 2017
By Anonymous

Down in the trenches
With the sun getting ready to set
My head was pounding
And a small sweat drop slowly dripping down my back

I stand there in the middle of the field
Waiting patiently
When i heard the play I immediately lit up like a deer in headlights
This was the play I was waiting for, my play

Almost immediately after my mood changed like night and day
Anxious for the snap of the ball
My heart beating so loud
I could’ve sworn you could hear it

Finally the ball was snapped
I took off like a horse out of the starting gate
And when I turned my head I saw the bullet of a ball
And I let it slowly drift into my arms

I surveyed the field around me
I saw nothing but green grass ahead
I took off in a full sprint as if I was being chased by vicious dogs
My first varsity catch, 55 yards, made me feel like I could touch the sky

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