Knowing I made a Mistake

March 26, 2009
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Why is she here
I always loved her, but thought she would never return
I smile and shine with joy
Then it goes away
Please, have mercy on me
Oh god, what are you doing
Please give it back, i beg you
I fall on the floor and begin to beg
How long have I been here
How long does it take to bleed out
With a hole in my chest
A surging pain in my head
How much longer
She walks away from me now
Heart in one hand
Scalpel in the other hand
A glistening crystal shaped tears in her eyes
And a twisted remorse smile
No longer do i see her
Now i leave knowing...
That i made a mistake

There he is
I've waited a long time for this
Yes, fall down and beg
This is what i always wanted
Here is my scalpel
There is your heart
His eyes look at me with pain
But revenge is what i am consumed in
His tears are not pain for me
They are magnificent accomplishment
Obsession with your pain
This is what i yearned for
But i see no pain
Only sadness, only sorrow
I've done what i done, now i shall leave
I look back at him, how sad he is
My eyes tear up and i try to hold myself together
His heart in my hand still beating
And the scalpel in my hand still glowing
No longer do i see him
Now i leave knowing...
That i made a mistake

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dancestar said...
Aug. 23, 2011 at 7:49 pm
this was amazing!! oh my god...just great...i luv the view from both sides...u truly have a talent! great job!!
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