shouldn't have been a mom

September 27, 2017
By Anonymous

You, my friend, shouldn’t have been a mom
Now, your child is a ticking time bomb
A useless fight for custody
You only know the girl she used to be
You have refused to grow with your child
With all you’ve done, you’re lucky you weren’t exiled


Now, you really shouldn’t have been a mom
Buying her love from
It doesn’t really work on your favour
But you thought it was the only way to save her
Now she couldn’t care less about anything
She doesn’t even wanna see who it was when her phone goes “ding”


Both of you, as one, shouldn’t have been moms
She looks at you with shaking palms
As if she could do anything about it but scream
Even having no mom would be her dream
No mom is better than a bad one
And you my friend have surely won

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