September 27, 2017
By Linslove28 BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
Linslove28 BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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Fairy tales are possible,
that part is not stoppable.
If you have belief in an imagination,
so strong it becomes a creation,
can’t it become reality?

A story is a tale of a thousand words dancing on a page.
Some stories are full of hate and rage,
others are like childhood dreams.
With pictures, soft colors, and light beams,
with some kids this is not the normality.

You may not notice them in the background,
they stare and listen to the sound.
Kids learn from their peers,
and learn you don’t care for their tears.
These kids may fear legality.

They learn to live in there own world,
a world with hope, but their hope is usually hurled.
They need others to make their dreams possible,
even though it’s told to be impossible.
Their lives are heading towards finality.

If people like you won’t care,
Their dreams will vanish into thin air.
Their dreams are deep,
they won’t be sold for cheap.
Yet you’re supporting neutrality.

Family is sentimental,
you have to be cautious and gentle.
Separated people are broken,
they are also soft spoken.
They should be filled with vitality.

The change in the way things work start with you,
maybe you should take the clue.

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