Sneak Attack

March 26, 2009
By Julien Bloch BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
Julien Bloch BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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I crawl up behind,
I’ve got him
Of this he’s blind,
His fate is grim

Scoping out my target,
Aiming right at his head
At last, my mission accomplished,
That’s one more enemy dead

Im gonna get him,
Im gonna get him good
Of this im sure,
For I’m aiming right where he stood

Where he stood,
Not where he stands?
Where has he gone,
Hes foiled my plans!

Phshht! Ha-ha! You almost had me!
My dripping self faces him, chilled to the bone
While in front of me he stands,
Squirt gun hanging limply in his hands

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