Paws on My Heart

September 25, 2017
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It was the day, and it was time.
Time to bring home the tiny puppy,

A crisp, brisk February morning greeted me
As I shot out the front door quickly.

Many years of hope,
Many months of waiting -
All diminished to just few minutes of a car ride
That seemed never ending.

The bright GPS screen announced  - one mile.
It couldn’t be;
I couldn’t be so close to
Getting Eevee.

My heart exploding,
My knees shaking,
I couldn’t resist.

Tender memories before my eyes
Flooded my essence with nervous delight:
Eevee’s soft fur, her scratchy wet licks;
Her teeny plush paws held my heart so tight
I couldn’t breathe.

Bokas 2
Half a mile...
The light grey brick house within our sight,
My thoughts traveled from joy to worry.

As I slipped into another gaze,
Fire rushed through my veins -
“What if... What if I lose her?
What if something happens?”

Love is a sad elation; it can sustain and it can impair;
It’s the brightest day and the darkest night.
She’s mine. My responsibility and yet, my prize.

Now stopped in the driveway, I take a deep, shaky breath;
I exit the car.
There is no way back,
It's time for a dramatic change,
It’s time to put my heart in the tiny paws of

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