It All started with “Splash”

September 27, 2017
By Melissasifue BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
Melissasifue BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
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SPLASH! Millions of gallons of chlorine instantly filling my lungs without hesitation.  Scratching my throat with its long nails ripping apart my insides. My reliable chest now letting me down feeling like a tinpot, all tight and worn out. My stomach into knots as I felt every second pass by, butterflies in my stomach but not the good kind. My anxious and nervous body shaking more and more, faster and faster like if I were having a seizure. The queasy ocean smell catching me by surprise. Nudging and poking at me reminding me that it’s there, taunting me with its evil clown like laugh. Nose frantically looking for oxygen like a dog trying to find his food. The sour taste of salt gripping to my tongue like a baby to his mom when they're scared. My body a statue, going into shock clueless about what to do, sinking like an anchor being thrown in the water. Eyes shut tightly unwillingly opened by the urge to escape. Eyes screaming at the top of their lungs as salt water enters them and burns them like lava. Eyes who plead out for help, shouting for help but feeling ignored. Heart beating so fast I could make out the pattern. That scary pattern beat knocking some sense into me, soon realizing I was still in the blue murky water surrounded by emptiness and loneliness. The racing ocean waves running towards me. Grabbing a hold of my foot not ready to let go, holding tight to my legs like if they were long lost treasures. My life rushing before my eyes in those few seconds that felt like hours.

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