Underneath the Skin

March 25, 2009
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I try to lose five pounds
I gain ten instead
Suddenly you’re no longer my friend
You critique me but you don’t even see me
Because who I really am
Is hidden beneath the one thing
You never look past, you never can
You seem to always see me in terms
Of fat or thin
Sometimes it’s hard to believe
You see the person
Underneath the skin
What’s on the exterior
Is the only thing that counts
Everything else is simply thrown out
I would like for us to be friends
But for that to ever happen
I need you to be sympathetic
So maybe you can see the person
Hidden under the flesh bedding
You have to understand
That who I really am
Lies in the personality
I’m never comfortable enough to be showing
Because you can’t look beyond what you see
A gap there will always be
Separating you from me
It is your insecurity
That is slowly consuming me
It is because of you I only see a scale
And in my heart is where I wail
I scream, I cry, I pout, I shout
From this nightmare I want out
I no longer want to be defined
By a number
I can’t do it one more time
I need this insecurity to end
So that we can finally be friends
But you just go on complaining
Our chances of friendship are breaking
You can never look past
And will never see
The hidden personality
I have come to a conclusion, we can never be friends
You still only see me in terms of fat or thin
So you will never see me for the person I am within
Because you can never see what’s hidden
Underneath the skin

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:PBUBBLES:P said...
Apr. 18, 2009 at 3:52 pm
I like the way you rhymed some lines, and didn't rhyme others (or is that just me?) I love the poem!
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