always be my hero

March 24, 2009
By Marissa White SILVER, Platteville, Colorado
Marissa White SILVER, Platteville, Colorado
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lead me to greatness/
stick by my side/
never let me fall/
and if I happen to/
be there to catch me/
congratulate me when I do something right/
correct me when I do something wrong/
take care of me when I'm sick/
hug me when I'm sad/
show me how to live life/
step by step/
and day by day/
teach me to keep pushing forward/
and to always expect the best/
keep impressing me/
and always be my hero/
for one day I wish to be/
just like you/
a mother, a teacher, and a coach/
someone I strive to be/
so one day when your gone/
your morals will always remain/
I too would love for my children/
to look up to me/
and respect me/
and appreciate everything I do/ and the person I am/ in the same way/
that I care for you/
your an amazing woman/
and a loved mother/
so I thank you ma'am/
for making me the woman that I am today/
and will be forever.

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