Not Alone

August 27, 2017
By Melody Emery BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
Melody Emery BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
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Why am I like this?
I often ask.
Why is being happy,
Such a hard task?

I pretend I'm ok,
And people are blind,
To see the darkness,
That with a close look you'll find.

I bottle up my feelings,
And never let anyone know.
What's really going on,
And that I'm really feeling low.

And I know I'm not alone.
There’s others who feel the same way.
And this one simple thought,
Is what keeps me going everyday.

The author's comments:

I basically wrote this to let everyone know that depression in teens isn't uncommon. There are other people going through the same thing and if you talk to them you may be able to help each other out.

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