August 26, 2017

A tragic event,
Now a Facebook status,
We post pictures online,
For others to rate us.

Society's cancer,
Innocence dead by bullet,
"I can't be out alone this late",
It can't be that bad, could it?

A nightclub shooting,
Too many dead,
No media coverage,
On what should be said.

Instead our lives,
Quickly pass us on by,
Safe behind screens,
Watch another child die.

Global warming,
Is not just weather,
Wars 'round the world,
Are not getting better.

And still we sit here,
Royals on thrones,
Obeying orders,
Mindless drones.

When will we learn,
How to fix a planet,
We're killing to begin with,
Now it's a habit.

Another idea,
Another excuse,
The world can't handle,
This much abuse.

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