Do You Remember?

March 24, 2009

Do you remember?
How you won
Your big race…?
How you sprang
Into the pool…
How your hands cut
Through the water
Like warm butter…
Do you remember?
Don’t you think
I jumped into the water
Right by your side…?
I cheered you on
All the way through…
I cheered with you
In the last stretch
When without a doubt
You were beat…
Don’t you think
I jumped out of my skin
When you gave it
Leap into the water
Like you're jumping through
Hoops of fire,
Hold your breath,
Cut your hands
Through the cold wetness,
Kick your legs
Until they are blazing
With determination,
Block out all
But the water around you
And the wall at the end,
Swim fast
With everything that is in you…

And finish…
With a final burst,
Your last ditch effort
To the wall,
To victory…

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