March 24, 2009
By JasmineK BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
JasmineK BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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Emotionally lost,
Swimming in a sea of unshed tears,
Torrents of ocean water crashing down.

Bring... Brring... Brrring
He picked up the phone.
"Okay, I'll send her in just a minute"
"You're leaving Jazz"
"Lucky you. One more day of Thanksgiving break."

I knew his jesting voice.
How revolting,
How ironic,.
He had no idea...

I stiffly rose from my cold,hard seat,
refusing to acknowledge the piercing, ignorant stares.
Only confusion's silence was left.

We were at Hospice...Again
The millionth pain staking hour.
I loathed the false scenery of home
the darkness that threatening the light to leave,
the entire place.

She was sitting in the faux leather chair,
hair wipping around her face as the fan turned.
She was talking to the still figure on the bed,
silent tears streaming down her face.

Tensing myself,
I waited for the onslaught of racking sobs and piercing screams.
They never came...

It was so quiet.
Only the sound of sniffling from the chair,
and our hearts' broken beat.

I felt his icy hand in mine.
I saw his crippled once strong frame.
I tasted the suffering in the air.
I smelled the overpowering scent of Pacific tears.
I heard the silence.

I fruitlessly tried to find a trickle of hope...
There was no faint heartbeat,
no shallow rise and fall of his chest,
no intake of life sustaining oxygen.

He was solid.
His flesh turned to ice.
His blood eternally frozen in his veins.

Then she walked in,
a grim expression on her elderly face,
and she called it:
" Time of death 11:03 a.m. November 26, 2007."
Then she was gone.

My mentor,
My guardian,
My father...
He was gone.

Only the silence was left behind,
as I struggled to keep the dam intact.

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This article has 1 comment.

Jasminek said...
on Jun. 23 2009 at 7:16 pm
Sorry for all of the spelling errors. It was late nigh, in my terms 2, when I typed this up.



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