Honor and Serving

March 23, 2009
By bethany BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
bethany BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Salty rivers running.
In his uniform he looks so strong
But inside his body is weak.
He is already gone yet still he lies there
Cold… Waiting… for me to come to him.
To remember forever as his legacy lives on.
He is walking with me and giving me advice
He is there when I sleep… Eat… In my dreams.
But these salty rivers no longer run now,
For he tells me I am okay.
So I rest tonight for the hope of living another day.
I would like to dedicate these two poems to my grandfather. He meant the world to me, and I think it is time to honor his service in the military


I thank you now for serving
For helping protect me.
You bravely risked your life
For the hope of peace and harmony
Behind you left your four children,
Your wife and grandkids too.
A life well lived you had,
And a good start to your new one too.
Your presence now greatly missed
By all the animals too.
I say thanks to you again
For everything you do.
Now’s not the time for modesty
For a heart so brave and true
We love and honor you forever
You truly deserve it too.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by my grandfather who passes away october of ང.

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