Of Imprisonment and Freedom

March 23, 2009
For Reasons kept locked in my mind,
I from within myself and find,
That I am trapped within the walls,
Walls that fill the many, many foreboding halls…
The room, containing an ever hungry dark,
Extinguishes the little light left in my heart.
Only a solitary window relieves my pain,
Only a solitary light relieves the shame…

Mildew replaces the air I breathe,
Making my lungs burn and seethe,
A sorrowful state I am in,
Locked in the walls within,
Hearing the slow monotonous drip,
Of water from the ceiling tip,
Drop, drop, drop…

Maddeningly I wish it all to stop!
I desire to escape my misery,
And escape my captivity.
Sitting on the cold stone I ponder,
Thinking of what happens yonder.
What is happening in the world I once knew?
What is happening in the world where the sky is blue?

Alas! There are but two ways to be free,
Both which demand a costly fee…
To attempt an escape or be taken by death…
I pick the first without a waste of breath,
For the second shall follow if I shall fail…
Do not mistake me for being frail!
For even confined my body is well.
I shall even storm through the burning pits of hell if need be!
For nothing will ever stop me from being free!

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