July 14, 2017
By Lia Claus GOLD, Harlingen, Texas
Lia Claus GOLD, Harlingen, Texas
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Amidst the rotten cysts of a world losing its grit

And breeding deplorable democtasists

Apparently happieness exists


What's so laughable about a world in flames

Unless a lunatic with fearless aims

Risking it all for the rush of playing dangerous games


Where's the real smile, unfiltered, unintended

Not prepared, desperate, and amended

Fake photo happieness from a society that craves to be compliamented


Why is love a two-for-one with agony

First eyes glazed then sprinkle in some blasphemy

Formula only makes sense for a romantic comedy


We're crazy, fake, and want to be loved

In a time that's too guilty to be judged

The happieness is certainly numbed

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