July 8, 2017
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I will never see the light of day again
I’m trapped in my body just wanting to run
You reek of freedom and it makes my skin crawl
I’ll be here for a long time
I’ll remember you


There’s a V in the road:
The dead end
The right path
The track you’re on: you’ll be right here with me
Your freedom taken from you
Like it doesn’t mean nothing,
Like you don’t mean nothing,
Like the air that you breathe, doesn’t mean nothing


I miss life
I realized what I could handle:
My biggest regret:
You live everyday but your life’s on pause


You don’t have your dad?
You’re mad at the world?
F*** that!
To be a man,
You don’t have to have a man in your household
My father, I met him 5 times


And you, a father?
While your child is crying
You probably be here crying too
See if you laugh when you come through these doors
When the laughing is over, people like you cry
They cry
That’s how it is


You only got one mamma
When she gone, nobody left for you
My mother, I buried in chains
Didn’t say goodbye
I guess I was weak when I should’ve been strong


Love your little brother?
I got two brothers, they ain’t going to be here again
No magic tricks
This is real life
People who can’t follow rules make rules


I’m fighting for my life in here
Glasses? I don’t need these
I want you to see the pain in my eyes
You don’t have to believe me
I’m living testimony

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