the smells of a summer night

June 8, 2017
By briannacereske42 SILVER, Chantilly, Virginia
briannacereske42 SILVER, Chantilly, Virginia
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hold my hand as we fly through the city in the summer night. sing with me, fly free, see the things you'd like to see, here with me in the city. the breeze is breezy, the clouds are cloudy, just like you thought they would be. hold my hand as we venture through the night. see the people down there without a care, singing, dancing, living in the big city. no need to worry now, sweetheart. up here, in the sky, you can't see their problems, or their stressed expressions across their young faves. hold my hand as we go random places, unknowing where we will end up or where our destination is. as we are flying in the summer sky, I feel so young.

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