A New Beginning

May 25, 2017
By Anonymous

A lovley evening. I saw that the sky was a lot brighter than usual. Then I tried to tell something to my mom that was sitting in her chair. And I noticed. My voice. Something had happened to it. I then rushed as fast as I could. As I looked in the mirror, I notice that I looked nothing like how I actually looked. At that moment I was terrified. I was speachless. "What the heck! what happened to me!" I had blond hair and I was around 9 years old. I then yelled at my mom who after running outside of the house looked NOTHING like how she looked five minutes ago. "What's going on mom?" I said in shock "Nothing sweety. Is something wrong? Are you feeling sick again? I've told you not to run in the rain. You can catch a cold." my mom said. "Where's dad? Where is he mom?!" I said furiously "In the living room. Why, Is something wrong? What's gotten into you?" my mom said puzzled. As I ran inside to see hw my "new" dad looked like I realized he looked nothing like how my mom and I looked:Blond, and younger. He had grey hair and a beard. "Uh, dad. What in the world is going on! I keep changing who I am. I-I, I look different every 5 minutes." "Well I don't know what you're talking about son. We are all the same as we ever have been." said my dad as he brought up a picture book "See, that'a you with your dark black hair, and there we are sitting together eating hotdogs."  my dad said as he kept changing the pages. Then I saw that even the picutes changed, now I was an adult in around my 20s. "I don't know what's going on. I think I am going delirious." Then everything went black. It felt as though my life was ending. Then, in a flash. . . I woke up.

The author's comments:

I had a dream that I kept changing characters (my friends) and I then saw how their lives were.

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