It's Time

May 24, 2017
By GraceCalmYourself BRONZE, Falling Waters, West Virginia
GraceCalmYourself BRONZE, Falling Waters, West Virginia
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It all started with Trayvon walking home that night

Zimmerman tried t prove he was right

He was minding his own business without a gun

Zimmerman was acquitted, that's when it begun


Not a moment, but a moovement they say

It's time to stand up for something today

discrimination and violence must stop

This is por-human, not anti-cop


It's not a dream, our hands are not tied

We cannot rest, we can never be satisfied

Black Lives Matter we know this is true

If we join together who will stand up for you?

The author's comments:

This piece i have chosen is about Tryavon Martin and i included some lines from MArtin Luther King's I have a Dream speech.  

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