Ode to the Woods

May 24, 2017
By , Liberty, ME

O, see them tower above us!
In summery emerald or fresh winter white,
Magnificent and lush, with arms of unparalleled might.
Noble heads held to scent the sky-breezes, casting benevolent shade,
Constant, strong, and true – they shall never fade.


O, watch ‘em run, charismatic coursing couriers!
Lithe and supple, boundless energy, winning blue-glints of light,
Fresher and clearer ye shall not find; this is beauty’s height.
Speeding forth, tirelessly engaged in an elegant race,
Holders of life, the winding splashing veins of grace.


O, behold the wisdom, the rolling foundation!
Sun-warmed, snow-blanketed, the start of all things,
Capricious indeed, yet it gives birds their wings.
Wearing many cloaks of life and death, ever-changing, but always true,
All has been seen, all is known; nothing it cannot do.


O, consider us, feet stirring and voices humming,
Capable of creation and destruction; the zenith of our power upcoming.
We wreck and we raise, we end and begin – we seal and sever,
Guardians of their lives, their harmony, now and forever.

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