What Does A Doctor Eat For Breakfast?

May 24, 2017
By Anonymous

As I wait in the McDonald's drive thru for my
strawberry creme pies and sausage mcmuffin,
I wonder… What does a doctor eat for breakfast?
Protein filled cereal with soymilk?
Berry and prunes in porridge?
I imagine them in a white lab coat, eating in a
fancy marble counter with a plate of fruit, natural
greek yogurt, almond buttered wheat toast next to
a cup of lowfat milk.
But maybe they eat nothing, too busy to wake up
early and make food or they don't have a spouse
to prepare their breakfast from devoting their life
to learning medicine.

So the mystery continues because I know doctors
don't eat the same thing as teenagers because I
grew up watching Scooby Doo and Teen Titans in
the early am. On the weekends I wait until my mom
woke up to make me pancakes with eggs and chorizo.
I wouldn't know what a doctor eats because I grew up
eating at least four tortillas for breakfast. Arthur, Dragon
Tales, or the Rugrats play in the background. As time
went by I only ate the same variety;
Mcdonald's two for one,
Dunkin Donuts buy one get another half off,
and Starbuck’s summer saliva-disposing drinks.
What would  I know about being healthy?

Don't judge me, because I've, learned to embrace my
impending health problems. I live happy knowing each
morning waits me a greasy god-given high calorie
contaminated course.
I'm a human in her prime! I’m developing,
hormones are everywhere thus the need for processed
food. I'm way too in love with food to think of the health
consequences that come with my spectacular breakfast

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