Where My Heart Belongs

May 23, 2017

Higher than the mountains,
Deeper than the sea,
Leading to all fountains,
Where is it that my heart belongs?

Wading in the high grasses of Nebraska prairies,
Hiking in New Zealand’s highlands,
Breathing in the fresh air of caves so eerie,
Pondering where my heart belongs.

To the stage of Carnegie Hall,
From reef to reef,
Looking at nature’s landfall,
Dreaming of where my heart belongs.

Staring at the Cliffs of Moher,
Trekking through the beautiful villages in Italy,
Walking on the Great Wall of China,
Wondering where my heart belongs.

To memories and where they’re made,
Sitting next to your closest friends,
Sitting around the fire with games being played,
Knowing where my heart belongs.

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