June 5, 2017
By Anonymous

This problem we have yet to learn
These adults have not seen us mourn
Just how we love them more and more
And NO we’re not discussing “them”
But rather the reasons behind the numb
These handheld devices receive no warning
Cause’ we’re guessing we’re “progressing”
With our undivided attention
Receiving no intervention
We will not speak we’ve got to text
We’re waiting for what is “UP NEXT”
We are doomed by this second sphere
Of many companies luring in the near
If we’re not pleased with the one we’ve got
There is a new box yearly bought
It’s got the features: Oh! Glee! We’re eagers
To have them in our fingers
Among the commotion
There is lack of motion
We’ve got to charge;so we’re near that outlet
We are on the couch, on the bed, and at times even on the toilet
Glued to the screen no longer the books
Who needs the pages? When we have these electronic looks
These books we’ve forgotten lie in the aisles waiting
For the days we will come roaming
To find ourselves reading
But No! We refuse to do the leading
Toward aiming for more literacy
Because we’re more interested in “alliteracy”
We are blinded by our addiction
We are living within restriction
We need to break this habit
Of depending on that demeaning gadget
Let us find the solution
Let’s make a contribution as a generation
Put it away at least for more than an hour
And at first you might become sour
But after a while you’ll notice you’ve changed
You’ll even become liberated
You’ll sleep more than ever come on you’ll even make eye contact
It’s time for you to end this invisible contract
You’ll become more awake
There is no mistake
You’ll live life the right way
Why not start with today?


The author's comments:

Sort of a response to Roald Dahl's poem "Television"

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