Jabberwocky's Redrum

May 31, 2017
By akuntzleman BRONZE, Parma, Michigan
akuntzleman BRONZE, Parma, Michigan
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I sit across, from the grim reaper;
For I know, he will become, my soul's keeper
A smile on his face, but a demon inside
Beside him, a cup of redrum.
Deal, another card

A top hat, fleshless, seductive love for mistrust;
Only those who give up, believe his disgust.
All you see, is blood and gore
But he leaves me, only wanting more
Deal, another card

His monstrosity, is something captivating
He triggers my curiosity
I begin to believe his words
“Evil pays for evil ways my love”
Deal another card

His loathing for hate for me I being to watch fade
Stroking my face he knows my fate
Loving him is like being in a relationship with a live grenade
He is the prince of darkness, you can’t convince; me otherwise
Deal another card

Mr. Jabberwocky
He is the king of hell,
And I’m the girl under his spell
Grasping my neck as he kisses me
Deal another card

For I had a straight flush, and he had a royal:
Vital fluid, running down my neck
To add to his cup of redrum, that I now drink from
So this is how it ends
All the tears, all the blood
It's all been for nothing
As the candle dwindles, then flickers out
Game over

The author's comments:

Five Finger Death Punch, Diary of a Deadman

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