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May 30, 2017
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The drums of regret take me to rethink of all  the right things left undone.
Days go by
But I remain silent in my selfishness
Relaying on the human equation of procrastination 
I bestow the heaviness of my burden
Failing to appreciate
The people that matter the most

But now I write this that you may know
How much you carried in my heart
The glimmer of a smile
You saw from me
shining like the morning  brightness from mars.
breathtaking, life freshening, and worth watching
I contracted it from you,

The pebbles of words
I mostly use in my life
I built them from the
Ones I had from you,
The courage you see in me
Engraved like a rock
Unshaken and unbreakable
Was nurtured by you

The many stories I tell
About you go unending 
the sun never misses to hear
How proud I am
To have encountered you
the child in me sings for you
But I am scared to tell you
That I  borrowed your shoes

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