Things that Hurt

May 18, 2017
By Erenjeager16 BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
Erenjeager16 BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
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Imaginary Jeff: 
There was a kid named Jeff
He was an ordinary kid
But there was a twist because
He was being picked on throughout the whole school year

Knowing that the bullies would pick on him was because
He was smart in every class he did not care about
The bullies...he would try to ignore them

The bullies would say to him
“Hey dweeb go die in hell” “live in the garbage”
“Die” is what the bullies would say over and over again
Jeff had to deal with the bullies through his high school  year
Every day he would be picked on over and over
Day by day, week by week
Night by night
Every day he had to deal with it
It was the last school day before summer
Jeff was not the same as he was before

He changed into dark cloths, wear black makeup
On his eyes, and ignore the people around him telling him
“Don’t be sad Jeff, cheer up a bit”
But Jeff did not care one bit

The bullies came and picked on him again
They said to him “what you doin’ ugly kid”
“You going to kill yourself” “or you just wanna cry to your mommy”

Jeff did not say anything because
They did not know what he was going to do
To himself at all

When he got home
His dad was out and his mom was crying
Jeff asked his mom “why are you crying, did something happen again”
His mom said yelling at him “Leave me alone!
Your dad left me don’t you see he’s never coming back!”

Jeff did not say a word again
He went to his room and wondered
Why is this happening to him

He cried in his room
Until he would not cry anymore
He left his home and went to find the main bully
Who was picking on him at school

He went to his home
The bully opened the door
Jeff stabbed the bully in his heart
The bully could not talk but just die slowly

Jeff kept laughing that he kept stabbing
The bully to death before his parents came home
After he was done he looked at his hands

All covered in blood
He felt guilty for what he did
He ran away far, far, away because he felt really guilty
He went to the woods and screamed “Why ME!!!”

He held his knife in his hand
Then he stabbed himself in his heart
Slowly dieing away

He raised from the dead
Not knowing what had happen
But he became a serial killer
Killing the innocent people for fun

He was nicknamed “Jeff the Killer”
So lock your door and be aware
Or  Jeff will be coming for you

Things we know today may seem different because
Heaven and Hell are different things in there own worlds
Angels and Demons are different as well
Here on earth there is supernatural
But things don’t have to be fake or real
Because there might be supernatural
Like bullies acting mean like a demon

Friends are like angels
So supernatural doesn’t have to be fictional
Things can be real in the human world
Not just Heaven or Hell

People we see today are the angles and the demons
But other people are different
Because we don’t know what they are at all

Heaven and Hell are both real for some people who believe
So does supernatural which is a different thing
Supernatural can be Heaven or Hell   
But people think it’s different

So what do you believe in

Hearing the scream and crying of innocent people in Hell 
Seeing joy, happiness, greatness, bravery in Heaven
Witnessing the good from the bad, joy from sadness, laughing to screaming
In supernatural

In a kingdom there are knights
Who will protect and save the land
Knowing that they will do anything things will go wrong
On the other side of the kingdom are the villains
Which they hate the good people
They will destroy the kingdom
Knights fighting until the end
Very few make it out alive
Knights are own lifesavers
We need them
We are them
We are the knights of this school
We need to protect it
If it was a real kingdom
We need to get rid of the villains
We have to be brave
Keep them away
Far away
Before they destroy the kingdom
Down into little pieces

The author's comments:

In my wrting the first one is about a young boy getting bulllied over and over because of way this person was then, one day he snapped saying, he had enough because no one would help him with his problems and ending up killing the bullly and the himself. 

The sceond one is about something in life you could not control with all of the violence that nothing could be stopped at all, in fact people think it's all in their heads but it's like a war. Which is something like Heaven and Hell could fight over if one of them were telling the truth. 

The last one talks about a place where people on the outside need to be removed, and the ones who are inside are the brave ones who don't give up, because my school is a kingdom that all of us need to protect from the people on the outside.

This is what I wrote and I'm glad I did because this took me some time thinking of some things, and making them into my own writing.  

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