May 17, 2017
By , erie, CO

“This diary belongs to Emily Upslope. If found return to owner immediately.”
I have hopes and dreams like everyone else in this world. I have dreams to become rich and famous and have the cute boy at school notice me, you know like everyone else in the world. I am like every other high school kid out there, except I’m not. I suffer from Astrocytoma Grade IV, also known as grade IV  brain cancer. I won’t get into the details of my wonderful condition because all you need to know is that I, Emily Upslope am going to die. I am a senior in high school with freaking brain cancer just waiting till it’s my time. Pretty crappy huh? I assume you are thinking yes, well I think so too. But even though I have brain cancer I am not letting that get in the way of the one thing I hope to achieve in life. I have to achieve this quickly though. I have to think, how can I do this in the amount of time I have left? Well leave it to me to come up with that! I absolutely love writing so I am going to write a book about myself. Sounds kind of boring I know but it won’t be. I have had a crazy 18 years. When I was born I was born four months early and had to stay at the hospital being taken care of and watched super closely. I was in and out of surgery because of my premature birth. There was a program set up because of me to donate money to hospitals for children who were born prematurely. As I got older life didn’t get easier, I had many broken bones and was still always going to the hospital. When I was sixteen years old I was diagnosed with stage three brain cancer. And that basically summarizes my life so far. This is sounding like a sob story so I am going to change the subject.
My plan to becoming a famous writer stage one: I have kept diaries since I could write because I have always known I’ve wanted to be a writer. So the first thing I am going to is go through all of those diaries and make them better. This will be like the “rising action” of a story. I write fast so it shouldn’t take long to do that. Stage two will consist of getting a publisher and an editor. I will be contacting my language arts teacher to help me with the editing and finding a publisher. A lot of kids have been published into newspapers, small magazines, etc. I plan to beat all of them. Stage three is when I am famous. I will be a published author and everyone will know who I am. When I get to stage three that will be the climax of my life. It will be the biggest accomplishment I will be able to achieve.  So let’s hope I get there. After I publish my first book I plan to keep writing. I want to have the last part of my life filled with doing the thing that I love, which is writing. I want my family to know that I am happy and doing what I want to. This is kind of scrambled but these are my thoughts that I want to get out so that everyone knows what I am planning...Just incase something happens and I don’t get to fulfill my dreams. I have to say my life has not been normal whatsoever but what would be fun if your life was just ordinary? I would not have had the courage to do the things I have done in my life if I didn’t have brain cancer. Yes it terrifies me but I don’t want everyone to see that.
To everyone that I love, please publish my writing if I am not able to. I want everyone to see just how “wonderful” cancer really is. This is going to be my final entry in my journal because I am going to start focusing on getting my writing out there. Thank you for sticking with my mess of an entry, and I am very grateful to have you all in my life.
   Peace out my dudes,
    Emily Upslope

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