Why her?

May 19, 2017

She stands there
Listening to everything.
Everything you had to say about her.
Everything you couldn't say to her face
But had to do behind her back.
The way you would call her names.
The way you would laugh.
The way you would talk about her.
She asked why.
Why her?
Why was it okay for you to laugh?
Why did you make her your target?
Were you mad?
Mad at the fact she didn't want you ?
Or mad at the fact
She wanted you to leave her alone
Because she was,
You stood there.
As she ran away from your friends.
Running away from the names,
Running away from what you had started.
She stands there and stares at you,
Looking at your dull face.
Looking at the way you stare back...
Angry at the fact she didn’t want you.
She watched you steal from her
The things keeping her strong.
The things holding everything together…
Like the compliments you stole.
Like the happiness you took away.
The things that were
Making everything alright.
She saw how you threw her away.
How you defended your friends.
How you stuck up for the way they acted.
And how you stopped...and couldn't face her anymore.
How you decided you were done with this girl.
How you broke her more than she was before.
So let her ask you again,
Why her?
Why was it so important to you
To show this girl you were different?
Different than all the other guys.
The guys who had laughed and mocked her.
Why did you need to ruin her life?
And tear the last pieces of her?
This broken girl
Who you shattered.
Why her?

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