Only Human

March 20, 2009
By JasmineHoller BRONZE, Edinburg, Virginia
JasmineHoller BRONZE, Edinburg, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
Even the wise-man can appear the fool, and most often do.

Who am I but a normal girl, a back up in case someone else falls,
Am I truly need here in this world, do they honestly need me?
If I were to just disappear what would change,
Hardly anything I assure you.
I mean look at me, who am I but a adolescent teenager.
I not overly smart, nor am I popular.
I don’t have exceptional beauty, nor a life changing story,
I’m not a daredevil or risk taker, I not someone of great importance.
Who am I but a single person.
If I were to fall, someone else could easily take my place,
I’m not too interesting, and barely noticeable.
I know this for a fact, I‘m dull and dreary.
Who am I but a living being.
When I’m alone I think about and truly wonder,
I’m not changing the world, I’m to scared to try.
Too shy and caught up in my mistakes.
I mean look at me who am I but a ignorant human
I have no special skill, no special phrase,
I doubt I’ll change the world or invent something new and useful,
I’m not really changing anything drastically.
After all I am just a normal girl, who might never change the world.

The author's comments:
Eveny teenager has the feeling that they're useless or insignificant at one point in their life.

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