I can't wait

May 14, 2017

I can't wait, till the day I fall
The day I will not weep, and the Lord will call
There would be no more pain, suffering, or stress
Far more the world would be less
And therefore, my heart and soul shall rest
Everything that I once had, will fly away
As if I were in the eye of a hurricane
The people that loved me
Will weep, but be fill with glee
For that I have gone to a better place
Where pure happiness blows against my face
I can't wait for the day I will take my last breath
For that special day called death
Where my pale face will be bare
But my soul shall be healed and full with prayer
As when I am old
My children will hear a story that will be told 
About how my journey, impacted my life
How some challenges, can be like the wildlife
With new, and amazing ideas
And think, wow, how positive she is 
My age, is too old to walk through the grass
But my hands will be there to grasp
The wonderful things that god has made
Where my body and soul lays

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