The Magical Door

May 14, 2017
By Alfonsoo BRONZE, Thorton, Colorado
Alfonsoo BRONZE, Thorton, Colorado
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O, magical door you open the door to my dreams of my future,

You open, the doors to my future career and to my future house.
I would be able to risk everything for those magical doors that,
Only open once in a lifetime. 
So for me deciding what to do in future and what I 'm going to become in life.
Those doors can open to my dream car that I always wanted or,
to my future house that I always wanted. 
For me any door is magical no matter what color it is or no matter what size it is,
Because each door has it's own unique way,
from what's in front of the door and what is behind the door.
For me doors matter a lot in life,
because without doors we could not see what is far ahead in our futures.
          O, magical door you think that you are just a piece of wood,
     used in buildings and houses but you are more than that,
you can change our life by what's in front of us,
and what we're going to face that is ahead of us.

The author's comments:

I chose an ode for my poetry assessment, because I had a great for making an ode and the idea that I had for an ode was to do about a door and how a door is so important in life. I also chose to do an ode because for it's the easiest type of poetry to do. I chose to do my ode about a door because for a door has a lot of meaning in life. A door can be opened to your future career if u try hard enough or a door can be open to a new member in your family or something else important thing in your life etc.
A door can be more than just a piece of wood or any type of material, because a door can change your life by entering the door or choosing not enter the door. For example if you had to doors in front of you and those two doors decided your future which one would pick and enter that door. When you enter that door there's no going back because you need see your future. I think that doors are the most useful thing in the world, because a door can change your life or can keep you safe from danger.                                                                       

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