The Jellyfish

March 19, 2009
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Said the world to the jellyfish,
“It’s time for you to go,”
And the skies opened up and the wind did blow.
“But I wish to stay,” the jellyfish cried.
He clung tight to each strand of seaweed he spied.
“You’ve had enough fun,” the world warned carefully.
“But I’ll die in the sun!” whined the little jelly.

The sea roared with fury.
Murky water swirled near.
“Oh no, I must hurry!” yelped the jelly with fear.
He swam desperately,
But as you and I know,
There is nowhere quite safe for a jelly to go
If the world has decided to put on a show.

His tentacles wriggled
Like an army of snakes
All the seahorses giggled as they ate their cupcakes.
“You’ll never escape!”
They chorused with glee.

Jellyfish took the shape
Of an arrow, speedily
Dashing as deep as he could
So as not to be washed ashore
With the driftwood.

Said the world to the jellyfish, “Poor blob! You can’t win!”
A monstrous wave rose with might from within.
He flew through the air as a jellyfish shouldn’t —
Went splat on the sand, though we wished that he wouldn’t.

An explosion of color spilled
Over the land.
Translucent blues and purples and
Pinks and yellows glimmered bright

Said the world to the jellyfish,
“It’s time for you to shine,”
He laid motionless,
But his lack of a spine
Caused him to melt into jellyfish wine.
And for a couple of hours,
It looked just divine.

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