Attack From the Heart

March 19, 2009
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its becoming ever so apparent
the walls close in
the beats start to slow down
my last breath, oh what will i say
the words are a martini mix on the tip of my tongue
do i declare love
or end with i told you so?
i contemplate inside a fragile mind
will i stay or leave it all behind
but the truth i face is it's not up to me
as my heart beats slow i escape from this body.
i leave behind an empty shell
with no last words or a story to tell
for i could not make up my mind
nor could I escape the time.
but what if there was a story
a story the pain tried eagerly to tell
but with out pen or paper could not spell.
what if it was all a dream
and everything wasn't what it seemed
but infact i was trapped inside my mind
with no escaping light to find.

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