The Last

May 12, 2017
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“The next four years will fly by,.” I always heard adults and teachers say my freshman year of high school. I just assumed they were exaggerating. A hot- headed freshman never listens to what adults say. I did as I pleased and lived life day by day. I was constantly dreading Mondays, looking forward to Fridays, loving the weekend, and hating the school week. Minutes turned into hours, turned into days, turned into weeks, turned into months, turned into years. The moments meshed together like the crowd at a party, and it took me until senior year to finally realize it was okay to stand still and savor every moment, because you never know when what you’re doing could be the last time you ever do it. The last walk to your last class, the last hug from your favorite teacher, the last drive to school, the last laugh with your best friends, the last late night Friday hangout, the last school sporting event, the last pass, the last set, the last kill. You have to remember, time doesn’t stand still.

You can’t change what has happened but you can reminisce, and remember, and reflect. All the friends that have come and gone, the late nights and early mornings, the last minute cramming to finish a project, and the feeling of accomplishment once you’ve finally finished. All of these memories come together to form the four years of high school that will always be within us.
“I can’t wait for college.” A sentence that comes out of my mouth almost every single day. But I have to remember make the most of now because before I know it these days will mix together like ingredients in a blender, and I’ll be wishing I had spent more time appreciating instead of anticipating. Before I know it I’ll be walking across the stage shaking with my right, grabbing with my left, thinking about all that has happened and wishing I could grasp every savored moment and never let go. Once a Bronco always a Bronco.
The years flew by and it's impossible to go back. Leave your legacy behind and take everything else with you. These four years have tested you, shaped you, and made you, now go forth, and be you.

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