Pet Peeves

May 11, 2017
By Devon Brandt BRONZE, Centerville, Minnesota
Devon Brandt BRONZE, Centerville, Minnesota
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You're telling me this NOW?
We're supposed to leave in twenty minutes
And you say you're out of town!

I don't understand.
The sun is shining bright!
But you still close your curtains
And just turn on your light.

It's not that hard!
Please chew with your mouth closed
And hold your fork like a grown person
Keep your back straight I suppose.

"I feel more prettier!"
No, you feel more pretty.
"You're the most funniest!"
No, they're the most funny.

I'm trying to work!
Please stop making sounds!
Quit clicking your pen.
You're talking really loud.

Turn off the lights
When you leave a room,
Don't keep the faucet running,
Or upon you shall be doom.

I was still talking!
You interrupted me!
That was very rude.
You should be sorry.

For the mother of pearl.
That's my pet peeve.
You better stop,
Or I'll make you leave.

The author's comments:

What's you're pet peeve? (Ha see what I did their?)

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